A great school with a great history but with an even better future ahead of it! I have been Principal at Daylesford College since 2017 and thoroughly enjoy coming to work every day. I am very honoured to be the Principal and will work tirelessly to make this school one of the best.

At Daylesford College we have a strong focus on academic success and a high quality curriculum. We aim to engage our students and offer the support and extension they need. Our work as educators is driven by the latest educational research and we aim to stay ahead of the game in this ever changing world of ours.

Whilst a strong academic focus is important we also acknowledge that there is so much more that goes into producing fine young men and women. A full school life also sees us set the same high expectations in all pursuits: when pulling on a football jumper, when tuning a guitar, when learning lines for a play or when heading off to camp. We offer a rich array of extra-curricular activities that has something for everyone.

Our rich history, which began in 1889, has witnessed many changes. Whether it was the shift from Vincent Street to Smith Street, or the numerous name changes from the School of Mines to Daylesford College, or the changes in motto from ‘Always the Best’ to ‘Shape The Future’, we have remained the only provider of secondary education in the Hepburn Shire and strived to stay relevant to the community we serve. Over the last few years, the changes at Daylesford College have been rapid and the College is almost unrecognisable to even the most recent ex-students. It is an exciting time at Daylesford College for both the students and the teachers.

I have an open door policy and encourage you to pop in and have a look around. I am confident that you will be impressed. I am also keen to hear peoples ideas and thoughts on how to make the school even better. You can call me on 5348 2367 or via email on macphail.stephen.b@edumail.vic.gov.au.

Yours sincerely,
Steve MacPhail

Daylesford Secondary College
39 Smith St
Daylesford VIC 3460
Phone Number: (03) 5348 2367
Email: daylesford.sc@education.vic.gov.au

Daylesford College Shape the future

Daylesford College offers purpose-designed collaborative learning spaces; teachers and technologies that encourage inquisitive learning; a curriculum that emphasises critical and creative thinking; and a culture of inclusion and support.