Clubs & Societies

There are a vast array of clubs running at lunch times. All students are welcome to come along to any club and join in. There is no cost and no commitment.

Roller Skating/Blading Club

(Ms Lisa Gunders)

Roller Skating/Blading in the ARC, Mondays – lunchtime.

Languages Club

(Ms Anna Treasure)
Languages Club, Mondays – lunchtime.


(Ms Bridget Franc – Wellbeing)
Mindfulness on Mondays at lunchtime.

Art Hub

Want to go off and explore your own projects or be involved in producing the School Magazine?

Tuesday – lunchtime 1pm in A3/4 (Ms Erin Sinclair).

Green Team

(Ms Eirinn Taylor)

Want to save the enivironment and learn more about sustainability?

Tuesdays, 1pm in A5.

Futsal Club (Indoor Soccer) Club

(Mr Damon Gillingham)

Futsal Club, Tuesday – lunchtime in the ARC.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Want to have more of a say in how the school runs and advocate on behalf of the students?

Wednesdays, lunchtime at 1pm.

Make and Mend Club

(Ms Shayna Williams)

Make and Mend Club, Wednesday – lunchtime. T

The idea being people can come to learn a skill (e.g. crochet) or receive help to mend something (e.g. sew a button).

Concert Band

(Mr Denis Toner)

Come join the school band. Wednesday 3.30pm -4.30pm. M1.

Study/Homework Clubs

VCE Study Hall (Library 3.20 – 4.30)
Come along and get extra help from teachers.

Junior School Hall (Library 3.20 – 4.30)
Junior Study Hall. Every Wednesday after school in the library! Bring your homework for any subject!

Ms Hazell (Maths teacher) and Ms Lawson (Italian teacher) will be present to help.

Hope to see lots Junior students …

Creative Craft Club

(Ms Bridget Franc, Ms Brittan Nowell, Cynthia Flores)

Creative Craft Club, Thursdays or Fridays? – lunchtime in S-Wing.

Table Tennis Club

(Mr Pradeep Chandak)

Table Tennis Club, Thursdays – lunchtime in the gym.

Walking Wellbeing

(Ms Bridget Franc)

Walking Wellbeing, Fridays – lunchtime.

Thinkers and Writers Club

(Ms de Clifford & Ms Attenborough)

Thinkers & Writers Club, Friday – lunchtime. Drawing on philosophical traditions, this club encourages discussion and academic / creative writing. We would aim for students to produce at least one group publication a year. We would also aim to publish students’ work in the local publication The Local and participate in Words in Winter activities and publications.

Debating Club

(Mr Aaron Bedson and Students Lucy Muscat & Alice Dennis)

Love a good argument? Come along and hone your skills for participation and preparation for Royal South Street.

Production Club

(Mr Wayne Pickering)

Production rehearsals, Monday, Wednesday & Friday – lunchtime 1pm in the Theatre.

Chess Club

Students playing against each other and learning as they go. All abilities welcome.

Every lunchtime in the Library.

Footy Tipping Club

An online competition (with no gambling adverts) for students and teachers …


Come and see the College in action with a personal tour of the school with one of our leadership team