Student Leadership & Voice

As the public face of the College, student leaders are encouraged to lead by example, mentor and provide constructive dialogue in all facets of their role.


Leading positive change

Representing our College and leading positive change both within our College and the broader community, this team reflects all aspects of our College core values.

Student leaders organise and conduct events, enhance student engagement, play a key role in welcoming committees for dignitaries and international school visits, represent the ‘voice’ of the student body and address key issues that drive ongoing improvements within the College.

Student leadership includes listening to and being able to clarify the issues of the students they represent and advocating on their behalf. Student leaders have an increased sense of responsibility to help others and to model leadership principles and values, including modelling behaviour that exemplifies the College values of: Respect, Responsibility, Care and Commitment.


Come and see the College in action with a personal tour of the school with one of our leadership team