We have ten buses running each morning and afternoon available to students. Pick up location and times can be found below:

Blackwood Route

Blackwood Route Map

Coomora Route

Coomoora Route Map

Dean Route

Dean Route Map

Drummond Route

Drummond Route Map

Kooroocheang Route

Kooroocheang Route Map

Korweinguboora Route

Korweinguboora Route Map

Porcupine Ridge Route

Porcupine Ridge Route Map

Smeaton Route

Smeaton Route Map

Trentham Route

Trentham Route Map

Yandoit Route

Yandoit Route Map


Seats on the bus are allocated to eligible students first. Any remaining / free seats will then be allocated to ineligible students (students not attending their nearest school). Students who are ineligible are required to pay a fee each term.

To determine if a student is eligible, go to Find my School, type in the students home address, select the ‘Enrolment year’, and select the ‘School type” and year level. Scroll down, and in the left-hand menu it will display the school they are zoned to. If the school displayed is different to the school they are attending then they are not deemed eligible.


Parents / carers wanting to apply for a seat on one of the buses must complete the application form and return to Daylesford College

Contacts / Further Questions

The Bus Coordinator, Shannon Marshal, can be contacted on 5348 2367.

For full details of the school bus program please see here:

Daylesford Secondary College
39 Smith St
Daylesford VIC 3460
Phone Number: (03) 5348 2367
Email: daylesford.sc@education.vic.gov.au

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