Our Approach

To best support our students and provide a wholistic learning environment, we are committed to the following approaches.

At Daylesford College, we’re all about making sure our students feel their best. We know that when kids feel happy, supported, and valued, they’re able to reach their full potential. That’s why student wellbeing is a big deal for us! Our approach is all-encompassing, taking into account not only academics and physical health, but also the social, emotional, and mental wellbeing of our students. We’ve got lots of resources in place to help our students, including counseling services, peer support programs, and wellness workshops. Our staff is awesome and they really care about our students, working closely with each student and their family to make sure everyone has the support they need. At Daylesford College, we believe that feeling good is just as important as doing well, and we’re dedicated to creating a safe and supportive community where every student can thrive!

Restorative Practices

At Daylesford College, we have a whole school approach that encourages behaviour that is supportive and respectful. We understand that we need to be truly accountable for our behaviour and to repair any harm caused to others because of our actions.


School Wide Positive Behaviours

At Daylesford College, our staff and students use a common language to discuss behaviour. We have clearly defined a set of expected behaviours, taught and modelled by students and staff alike.


Bully Stoppers

If you experience bullying or know of someone being bullied then you can report it here. The information you submit will remain confidential. Ms Franc (Head of Wellbeing) and Mr Cowan (Assistant Principal) will get a copy and will be responsible for acting on your report.

Wellbeing Centre

Head of Wellbeing – Bridget Franc

Our Wellbeing Centre is led by Bridget Franc, who is passionate about the wellbeing of young people in the Daylesford College community. Her focus is on ensuring high quality care and achieving excellence in our service delivery for students and families. Bridget’s background is in nursing, youth development and health education.

Chaplain/Youth Worker – Elaine Anderson

Elaine leads peer mediation and has a special interest in supporting young people through grief and loss. Elaine also facilitates Drumbeat.

Elaine is passionate about creating a safe, caring, supportive wellbeing space. She thrives on helping our young people to find their voice and encourages students to flourish through a variety of programs and experiences at Daylesford College

Youth Engagement Officer – Kayla Spence

Kayla facilitates our wellbeing programs and leads our lunchtime activities.

Kayla is committed to promoting and educating our young people on mental health and wellbeing. Kayla facilitates Art Connection.

Mental Health Practitioner – Maddie Taggert

Maddie is dedicated to promoting mental health at Daylesford College. Maddie works creatively to engage with students, staff and families.


Come and see the College in action with a personal tour of the school with one of our leadership team